A downloadable tool for Windows

A small tool I made for streaming and fun purpose.

I was planning on streaming some gamecube games, and as I have too much of them (280 right now) I wanted something to pick one randomly etc...

So I made RandomGC. It can sort randomly games, removing the one that has been picked from the list. You can also navigate through the games, one by one, so it can also be used for simpler things (like only displaying which game is playing...)

It works fine with OBS. If you want to use it you'll need GameMaker (maybe the free version would work ? I don't know mdr), and everything is explained in the how to use TXT file. There is two versions : RandomGC for games with standard DVD-like covers, and RandomSNES, for SNES and 64 type covers. In fact you can put everything you want as long as every cover image is the same size.

I'll probably update it someday, but I'm quite proud of it right now. It works like I was hoping to. And there might be an easter egg because why not ?

Credits :

-Nintendo for the Wind Waker's sounds effects

-Sykonist for the Gamecube icon

-Hopstarter for the SNES icon


AND PLEASE do redistribute but don't sell it, okay ? And don't take all the credit for yourself please that's, like, not cool at all. Thanks.

Install instructions

You'll need GameMaker to use it.

To use your own games, you need to :
-Resize all of the game covers (130 width and 185 height for RandomGC, 256 width and 181 height for RandomSNES)
-Open the project in GameMaker
-Replace all of the "cover" sprite images with your own game covers
/!\It is much simpler to name and sort all of your covers images alphabetically, as navigation in RandomGC would be much nicer (and logic)

And then compile it or run it directly through GMStudio


RandomGC.zip 244 MB

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